Wingamm Models

Brownie 5.8 GL

Perfectly practical and exciting with the AL-Ko Chassis thanks to our great designers

Wingamm Motorhome For Sale UK


The perfect motorhome for those who want to explore the world on all kinds of occasions. Comes with 4 × 4 and differential lock

Oasi 690

Spacious RV with 4 fixed beds, delicate design and Wingamm’s unique Floor Comfort System

Wingamm Motorhomes for Sale UK

Oasi 540

A unique and refined design wrapped in small dimensions for those who are adventurous

Wingamm motorhomes for sale
Wingamm motorhomes for sale
Wingamm motorhomes for sale
Wingamm motorhomes for sale

Unique Features

100% Waterproof

15 year density guarantee! Britains longest guarantee

Ultimate Winter Motorhome

Perfect for those cold British winters!

Perfect Temperature

Unique insulation material with high thermal value. Tested in cold room.

Noise Comfort

Unique design and production significantly reduce noise


40% more robust living space than traditional motorhomes

No Joints

No moldings, external profiles or externally mounted hinges

Dropdown bed

Bed which lowers from ceiling creating more room

Power & Comfort

150hp and automatic transmission as standard

Distinctive Design

A fully-molded, self-supporting fiberglass body provides a rounded, appealing look. The self-supporting body is molded of fiberglass in a closed form. It has no moldings, external profiles, protruding hinges or mixtures of plastic, aluminum or silicone.

The body consists of a single material type – fiberglass – which provides robustness, reliability, light weight, efficiency and elegance. Through our continuous research and development we have taken out a number of patents that illustrate the outstanding quality and experience you get with the Wingamm Motorhomes

Wingamm – a journey out of the ordinary! Test drive our motorhomes at our showroom in Birmingham and experience the difference with Wingamm. The Wingamm experience is designed for adventurous, travel-happy people who want to enjoy unspoiled nature, experience the history and traditions of ancient villages, go to more unknown destinations off the beaten track, and follow alternative routes – safe and comfortable in a high-quality motorhome.

W technology and single-molded, self-supporting fiberglass

Wingamm’s motorhomes are made with a single-cast, fiberglass-bearing body and a dynamic, distinctive design without any kind of compromise. We want our customer to have the same safety, reliability and comfort that they get in their homes that they get on the road.

The result of this, and of our continuous product development, is the innovative and expressive style that Wingamm has become so famous for.