We get a lot of people that come to us that are thinking of selling one of their cars and replacing it with a camper. People are doing this for a multitude of reasons. Finding the cash to build their dream camper is one of the main reasons. Other people are doing it because they don’t have the driveway space to store two family cars as well as a camper.

There is also a growing amount of people that are doing it because once they drive a VW T6 they simply don’t see the need to have the extra car. The driving experience has come a long way from the Classic VW’s (you need a map that looks like the London Underground to find first gear.)

Here are a few things we suggest taking into consideration:

Cash – selling the car will generate extra cash. Can this be put towards your camper. We know a camper is such a big purchase. You don’t want to be making sacrifices if at all possible. Would that extra bit of money mean you can have your Webasto Heating System fitted?

Do you have somewhere to store the camper? Would selling one of your cars mean that the camper can get on your driveway? You don’t want to worry about someone knocking the wing mirror off your pride and joy.

How many miles to the gallon are you getting? A new VW Camper gets around 48mpg, depending on the weight of the conversion.

Drive Experience – you would be hard pushed to find a better drive experience that a Volkswagen T6. We always recommend coming down to Rockin Vans and taking one out on a spin. You will be surprised, these are not the diesel vans of yesteryear!

Added extras – if you are going to be driving you camper everyday then make sure you add all the extras. Think parking sensors, satnav and media systems.

Insurance – Get a quote first. We recommend The Camping and Caravanning Club for the best insurance quotes.



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