Rockin Vans 3SIXT Camper Van Conversion in London and Scotland

Campervan Beds Scotland

From Fort William, to Loch Lomond, imagine being able to drive around Scotland at your leisure without having to pay overpriced hotel fees. Your van could be converted with a campervan bed so that you can travel around Scotland hassle free. Rockin Vans has a passion for camping. We want folk in the UK to experience all that travelling throughout the island has to offer. We want our clients to create their own memories and go on their own adventures, and no place offers beauty and adventure like Scotland.

Rockin Vans can convert your van to have cozy campervan beds so that you can travel around Scotland in style and comfort. Our conversion range offers a convenient approach to touring. We have years of experience and offer a wide range of new and used camper conversions. Each type of conversion offers its own version of a campervan bed, meaning you can choose to adapt to your own travel needs.

The Basecamp camper conversion comes complete with a spacious memory foam bed that ensures that you will be able to have an outstanding nights sleep throughout your travels. Our Twisted conversion is perfect for those longer trips throughout Scotland, in which the campervan bed is a necessity rather than a focus. Still offering adequate comfort, the two single beds can be slid together to create a double for those wanting more space. For those travellers looking to be able explore in additional extravagance, or for those fighting for space with a more selfish companion, the 3SIXT offers an extra large memory foam king sized campervan bed. Additionally the 3SIXT prioritises the view along with a bed, meaning you can wake up from a good night’s sleep to a gorgeous view through a gigantic panoramic window.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, Rockin Vans also offer DV8 Bespoke campervan conversions, meaning you can choose your own dream campervan and campervan bed for your own unique journey throughout Scotland. Our experts will be able to guide you through your choices so you can have the best options, best suited to your travelling ambitions. Whether you are wanting a trip full of adventure, or a relaxing jaunt through the country, our team will be able to adapt their designs to your needs to give you your dream space.

Regardless of what conversion you choose, our talented craftsman are guaranteed to create the perfect campervan and campervan bed for your trip throughout Scotland. If you want to find out how we can help you start your fantasy of travelling through the UK hassle free, in the comfort of your own campervan, please feel free to contact us.