Picture this; you’re planning a trip around Scotland. You want to see the most glorious sites that the country has to offer and get the most out of your trip. You plan includes a trip to Fort William and a leisurely drive up to Arisaig. Disaster strikes! The Scottish weather predictably takes a turn for the rubbish, and temperatures plummet despite it being the middle of July. This would be an absolute disaster for those who hadn’t opted for camper heating installation. Scotland weather is unpredictable at best; which is why Rockin Vans provide current and aspiring camper owners with camper heating installation. If you let bad weather ruin your trip; you’ll never get to enjoy a trip to the UK. It’s best you just prepare and enjoy yourself regardless of climate.

We’re not trying to put you off a journey around Scotland, but it is wet, windy and cold at the best of times. Occasionally, we do get a magnificent month or two of some sunshine, but that’s not something that lasts for more than half the year. However, this definitely shouldn’t hold you back. Scotland has some truly amazing sites and locations that shouldn’t be missed due to some drizzle. One glance at the view from the peak of Ben Nevis, and you won’t care about how cold it is. If you’re viewing the stunning Aurora Borealis from Angus, the freezing air will be the last thing on your mind. Missing out on these amazing locations and natural wonders would be a crying shame. Our camper heating installation in Scotland offers the perfect solution so that you don’t have to miss out.

When it comes to your campervan, you don’t want to mess around. It’s supposed to be a home away from home, so it needs to be kept in decent condition with adequate amenities. Thankfully, the team at Rockin Vans live and breathe campervans and motorhomes. We rent, sell and convert campers so as to share our passion with our customers. By opting with us for your camper heating installation, Scotland residents are choosing a high-quality job by experts who know what they’re doing. Our goal is to give others the freedom to travel freely, and having adequate heating is an important aspect of that. Whether you already own a campervan and are in need of an upgrade, or are looking at starting your camper journey from scratch, we can help you get the best heating products available.

Rockin Vans have a range of showrooms and conversion studios dotted around the country. Hopefully, everyone around the country should have easy access to a Rockin Vans depot or showroom, but we are opening more. We recently opened a brand-new showroom in Redditch so that people in the Midlands could enjoy our range of services. However, for more information on our camper heating installation in Scotland, you can find us at our Glasgow depot. Additionally, you can feel free to get in contact via our contact form or by giving us a ring.



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