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Wildworx Van Sales and Conversions

Wildworx Van Sales opens near Birmingham.

Austops Roof Fittings England

The biggest difference between a van and a campervan lies within the roof. It’s a controversial opinion but you should have a think about it. You could pop a mattress in the back of a van, but that wouldn’t make it a campervan. In order to have a fantastic travelling experience, you need to be […]

Camper Heating Installation England

It has been a good summer in England. In fact, you could say the summer has been too good. Heatwave after heatwave has battered the country and let residents melting in the bright sunshine. It’s been a great season for campervan and motorhome owners to explore the country. However, there will soon come a time […]

VW T6 Campers For Sale Coventry

The reality is that holidays abroad are expensive and not every resident of Coventry can manage to afford one every single year. It’s hard to be the person left behind while you gaze longingly at your friend’s holiday snaps being posted on social media. It’s not a nice situation to find yourself in. However, what […]

Campers for Sale Solihull

If you’ve tried travelling this summer, you may have noticed how difficult it is. The average car holds five people, but you’d be lying to yourself if you said it was the most comfortable way to travel long distances. There is also no way at all you’d be able to sleep five people in the […]

Campers For Sale England

There are many products out there that claim to be ‘life-changing.’ We here at Rockin Vans agree that spiralizers are pretty cool, but we’re struggling to see how it could be life-changing. We like skincare masks as much as the next person, but we wouldn’t say have a gigantic transformative effect on your life. A […]

Camper Heating Installation Scotland

Picture this; you’re planning a trip around Scotland. You want to see the most glorious sites that the country has to offer and get the most out of your trip. You plan includes a trip to Fort William and a leisurely drive up to Arisaig. Disaster strikes! The Scottish weather predictably takes a turn for […]

Pop Top Roof Fitting Worcestershire

If we’re looking at it from a very basic perspective, the only difference between a van and a luxurious campervan is the roof, bed and kitchen. It may not seem like a lot, but the right fitting can totally transform your average van into a portable home away from home. In order to get the […]

VW T6 Campervans For Sale Redditch

Last week, the UK was treated to long days of sunshine and warm weather. We have our fingers crossed that we get some more of this throughout the upcoming Summer months. However, the problem with sunny days is that you feel obligated to make the most of it. This is surprisingly difficult to do as […]

Campervan Beds England

It’s not just Scotland that offers unique travel experiences for those interested in exploring. England displays its own grandeur, with many spots to visit. Rockin Vans offer customers campervan beds in England.  This is great for those looking to find these fantastic spots and other must-see locations throughout the United Kingdom. Here at Rockin Vans, […]

T6 Campers For Sale Birmingham

Did you know that the average cost of a couple’s holiday abroad is £1630? That’s a lot of money to spend, especially if you are trying to save for a mortgage or a new car. It’s no wonder that people are starting to bypass a trip abroad for a holiday within their own country. Short […]

Austops Roof Fitting Edinburgh

Arguably, the thing that truly distinguishes a van from a campervan is the roof. With this simple addition, you are suddenly granted the space to move freely and live comfortably. With the additional room, you can stand and cook comfortably without having to hunch over. This makes the world of difference when you are going […]

Bespoke Conversions Scotland

Booking a holiday can be surprisingly difficult. It’s supposed to be a thing that relieves stress. Instead, the process of booking a holiday can end up warranting the need for another holiday. There is a simpler way. Here at Rockin Vans, we think the best option is being able to holiday any weekend you want. […]

Roller Team Motorhomes For Sale Birmingham

England has some amazing places to visit. For those interested in history, scenery, fine dining and adventure; it is definitely the place to be. However, we’ve found that that country is tragically underutilised by its own inhabitants. Which is ridiculous. Why spend thousands on holidays when you haven’t taken advantage of local activities and sites? […]

Austop Roof Fitting Scotland

The major difference between a van and a campervan lies in the roof. We strive to give our customers only the best, and consequently, we are the number one distributor of Autostop roofs. Our Austop roof fitting in Scotland can make your trip so much more comfortable. It will give you ample room for cooking […]

VW T6 Campers For Sale Kilmarnock

Holidays are expensive. While we all wish we could fly abroad five times a year, not many of us can. Some struggle to even get one trip abroad. However, going to another country isn’t the only way to have a fantastic holiday. With one of our VW T6 Campers for sale in Kilmarnock, you have […]

Cheap Motorhomes For Sale Glasgow

It feels like the price of everything is on a constant increase. Even when you think you’ve got a handle on things, suddenly the cost of your phone bill will increase, or one of your kids will suddenly require some new gadget. With so many plates spinning, it’s hard to remember to leave some funds […]

Campervans For Sale Glasgow

Everyone wants the best of any given product. After all, why wouldn’t you? Especially when it’s a relatively ‘big’ purchase like a campervan or motorhome. The ideal would be getting to design your own conversion from scratch. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the budget for this to be a possibility. However, this doesn’t […]

VW Campers for Sale Scotland

VW campers are a symbol of freedom. They’re the very embodiment of what we want to offer our clients. At Rockin Vans, we want to give everyone the ability to travel throughout Scotland at their own leisure. There is so much out there for people to explore, and it’s a crying shame that travel and […]

Motorhomes For Sale Scotland

Going on holiday is expensive. While we all wish we could jet off and explore the world at a whim, sadly for most of us this is an impossibility. However, you don’t necessarily have to leave the country to have a fantastic break. What if we told you that you already have access to some […]


Campers For Sale Scotland

Imagine being able to go on holiday any weekend that you want. Wouldn’t it be awesome to come home from work on a Friday and decide on a whim to pack your things and head to any city in Scotland that you take a fancy to? You’re not lacking for places to choose from either, […]

Swift Motorhomes For Sale

Rockin Vans have a vision in which everyone has the freedom to explore the natural triumphs that Scotland has to offer. From the stunning peaks of Ben Nevis, to the gorgeous coastlines of West Sands, there is something that everyone will enjoy and for absolutely no cost. If you have a convenient way of combining […]

Used Campervans For Sale

Everybody would love the chance to design their dream campervan, but for many it’s just too expensive or too much of an inconvenience. If it’s your first time purchasing, you may not even really know what your dream campervan would be and if your ideas are all feasible. A fantastic way of getting a campervan […]

VW Campers For Sale

There is a reason that Volkswagen’s are the darling of the camper industry. Every company that converts, sells or rents out campers, rave about VW’s as if they are the best thing since sliced bread. At Rockin Vans, we are no different, and we too subscribe to the myths of the triumphant Volkswagen campervan. If […]

VW Caddy Camper Scotland

There is definitely a misconception that you need to have a large campervan to have a luxurious one. Scotland’s cities aren’t known for having the widest streets or the largest parking spaces, so you could feel like a campervan would actually limit your travelling possibilities. This definitely isn’t the case, as there are a number […]

Bespoke Campervans Aberdeen

While it is the less obvious choice in the battle of the Scottish tourist cities, it certainly doesn’t lack for the things to do and see. With 263 castles, 55 golf courses, 5 ski centres and a national park, Aberdeen is a Scottish city that you won’t want to miss. It really does have something […]

Campervan Conversions Edinburgh

According to the Edinburgh City Council, in 2016 there were 4.26 million trips to Edinburgh made by tourists. 2.53 million of those trips were domestic tourism and not overseas tourism. There is a reason that British people flock to the capital of Scotland yearly. There is so much to see and experience in such a […]

Campervans For Sale Glasgow

Designing your own campervan is a highly rewarding process. You’ll get to see your van transform into the campervan of your dreams before your very eyes. This will allow you to travel around Scotland at your own leisure with absolutely nothing holding you back. However, we do understand that not everyone has the time or […]

Campervan Beds Scotland

From Fort William, to Loch Lomond, imagine being able to drive around Scotland at your leisure without having to pay overpriced hotel fees. Your van could be converted with a campervan bed so that you can travel around Scotland hassle free. Rockin Vans has a passion for camping. We want folk in the UK to […]

Custom Campers England

There a number of benefits to travelling around England in custom campers opposed to the range of pre-made ones. With your own personal design, you have the freedom to make your camper whatever you want. Regardless if you are wanting to have long relaxing trips, or shorter more thrilling journeys, travelling in a van that […]

Van Conversions Scotland

Rockin Vans offer top-quality van conversions in Scotland for those who are wanting the freedom to travel around and visit the glorious sites of the country. We offer three signature van conversions, so it can be difficult knowing what one is best suited towards you and your campervan requirements. Depending on whether you are a […]

Custom Campers Scotland

If you’re planning on travelling around Scotland in a campervan or motorhome, why would you settle for a vehicle that is anything less than perfect? At Rockin Vans we believe that the way to get your dream campervan is to design it yourself from scratch. We offer clients roaming around Scotland custom campers, built to […]

Best Van For Camper Conversion

While our team are happy to use a number of different variations of vehicle as a base to create your idea of a perfect campervan, there is of course one vehicle that we feel is most optimally suited towards our conversions. The Volkswagen T6 2.0l Highline is the van that we at Rockin Vans recommend […]

Pop Top Roof Conversion UK

Depending on what type of conversion you are looking for, our experienced team at Rockin Vans will be able to give you several options for your pop top roof conversion. We know there are oodles of options out there for you to pick from, and it can be a little daunting. However, our team of […]

Campervan Conversions Scotland

Enjoy the beauty of a campervan conversion and travel Scotland or wherever your heart desires in style. Your van could soon be converted to create the ideal campervan. It’s the passion behind our business that generates beautiful campervans that our customers go on to nurture and love in their adventures. You can choose from a […]

Bespoke Campervan Conversions

A campervan is a rather large investment for many. People want to make sure that they are spending their money wisely and on something they absolutely love. Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. That’s why Rockin Vans provide bespoke campervan conversions to allow you to create your very […]

Van To Campervan Conversions

Campervans are your holiday on wheels. Never worry about accommodation again with a hotel room in the comfort of your very own van! If you live in the Glasgow area and are looking for a van to campervan conversion, Rockin Vans is the place for you. Did you know it’s possible to re-classify your vehicle, […]

Campervan Conversions Glasgow

There is something truly special about having the freedom of travelling in your own car with the comfort of having your own possessions with you. Campervans offer flexibility and individuality, the foundation for any perfect holiday. It allows you to create your own adventures and experience what this beautiful country has to offer. Rockin Vans […]

The 4×4 Campervan

The Rockin Vans 4×4 Campervan Conversion.