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Last week, the UK was treated to long days of sunshine and warm weather. We have our fingers crossed that we get some more of this throughout the upcoming Summer months. However, the problem with sunny days is that you feel obligated to make the most of it. This is surprisingly difficult to do as everyone has the same thought process. During the rare times that the UK has some sun, beaches are packed and local parks are filled to the brim with families. The best places to go are the quieter locations that are perhaps slightly out of reach. Thankfully, Rockin Vans have a solution. We have a range of T6 Campers for sale in Redditch so that you can travel freely and for as late as you want. You can hit the best spots the UK has to offer, without having to worry about timing your travel, purchasing rail tickets, or keeping an eye out for hotel deals.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you purchase a campervan just in the hopes that we have an okay Summer. A T6 Camper can totally transform your life, not just during the Summer months, but throughout the rest of the year as well. The UK has some gorgeous sites that can be appreciated for different reasons depending on the season. This means that you’ll have an excuse to travel in your campervan throughout the entirety of the year. It’s a very liberating commodity to have. After a long week at work, you could decide on a whim to visit Scotland or Wales for the weekend. You don’t have to rely upon Network Rail or Booking.com, you can just head off as you please and make the most of your free time.

This year, we opened a brand new showroom in the Midlands. This meant that a whole new set of customers had access to our T6 Campers for sale in Redditch. Our goal has always been to give more people the freedom to travel, and this is something we are delighted to enforce. We aren’t all talk either. We truly believe that a campervan or motorhome offers you a chance at a fantastic new lifestyle. The team at Rockin Vans have all grown-up enjoying holidays and trips in campervans, and this is a passion that continued into adulthood. We’re proof that a campervan can greatly enhance your life, and it’s something we want to share with others.

Holidays are expensive, but everyone deserves one. That’s why we believe our T6 Campers for sale in Redditch are the perfect investment. You’ll end up saving yourself a ton of money and a ton of stress. For more information on our campervans and motorhomes for sale, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to advise on the best options for you.

Campervan Beds England

Basecamp Campervan Conversion from Rockin Vans

Basecamp Campervan Conversion from Rockin VansIt’s not just Scotland that offers unique travel experiences for those interested in exploring. England displays its own grandeur, with many spots to visit. Rockin Vans offer customers campervan beds in England.  This is great for those looking to find these fantastic spots and other must-see locations throughout the United Kingdom. Here at Rockin Vans, we specialise in creating campervans that allow you to create your own special memories and start your own adventure. We want to give our customers the freedom to travel.

Campervan beds in England are naturally an important aspect of any conversion. Rockin Vans offer three distinct styles within our range of campervan conversions. For those wanting to go to more thrilling events like Glastonbury, or go surfing in places like North Devon, we offer the Twisted conversion. The campervan bed offered in this conversion is comfortable but comes in the form of two single beds that press together to make a double. The smaller beds mean you have more space so that you can adventure with more space.

If you’re looking to experience marvels like Land’s End, or Snake Pass, we offer the Basecamp conversion which will allow you a more comfortable night’s rest. The Basecamp comes with a large memory foam mattress and bed that ensures you will be well rested for your journey to some of England’s best spots.

To those wanting a more sedate and luxurious, but no less breathtaking trip, we offer the 3SIXT conversion for those wanting to truly indulge in their choice of campervan beds in England. With the 3SIXT the priority lies with the bed, presenting customers with a king size, memory foam mattress. You can visit a spa town like Bath, or Harrogate and then go back to your campervan to bask in comfort. Additionally, the 3SIXT boasts large windows that give a panoramic view.

If these conversions aren’t offering you the dream campervan or campervan bed in England, your team at Rockin Vans also offer DV8 Bespoke models. This option allows you to take control. You’ll get exactly what you are looking for. You can have a campervan bed as comfortable and convenient as you wish. Whether you’re wanting to travel through the UK looking for adventure or sightsee your way through the British countryside, Rockin Vans can help you design a campervan that will suit your needs.

No matter what style of campervan bed you are looking for to travel around England and the UK with, our team at Rockin Vans will give you a conversion that will fit around your travelling needs and allow you to journey freely. Our campervan beds in England can offer you a more comfortable journey so that you’re well rested for the adventures of the day. For more information, feel free to contact us and our experts will be happy to give you more information.

T6 Campers For Sale Birmingham

VW T6 Camper for sale

Orange VW T6 camper for saleDid you know that the average cost of a couple’s holiday abroad is £1630? That’s a lot of money to spend, especially if you are trying to save for a mortgage or a new car. It’s no wonder that people are starting to bypass a trip abroad for a holiday within their own country. Short breaks don’t have to be lacklustre, either. There are so many exciting places to visit within the UK; you’d be missing out by not giving them a shot. Rockin Vans have T6 Campers for sale in Birmingham so that you can have a holiday when you want. Instead of spending months saving up, you’ll have the ability to go on a break on a whim.

You may have seen some of our announcements, but for those who missed it, we have a brand-new showroom in Redditch. Our Midlands showroom opens up a brand-new world of adventure to a whole new client base. People from Leicester, Wolverhampton, Coventry and Birmingham suddenly have access to a range of fantastic campervans and motorhomes. This is an amazing opportunity that we are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer. Imagine; instead of renting a vehicle for a set time, you can own your very own one. You shouldn’t delay, our T6 campers for sale in Birmingham can change your life.

Perhaps you think you’re exaggerating but trust us. We know just how impactful having access to a campervan or motorhome can be to your life. It is really easy to sink into a routine. You go to work five days a week and then come home and sleep the weekend away. It’s depressing. With our T6 campers for sale in Birmingham, you can come home from a week at work and decide to visit Edinburgh on a whim. You don’t have to worry about booking hotels or travel, you can just hop in your campervan and go. Your new vehicle will act as a home away from home, as all of our campervans come along with a comfortable double bed and a fully functioning kitchen.

Still not convinced? Well, a campervan can open you up to a world of new hobbies. Britain is full of fantastic outdoor activities, most of which are dotted around in inconvenient places. If you’ve ever wanted to take up snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, archery or geocaching; a campervan will make your life so much easier. Being able to travel and stay in new places means that you are less limited in what activities you take part in. Best of all, our T6 campers for sale in Birmingham come with plenty of storage room so that you can bring all the necessary equipment. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to help!

Austops Roof Fitting Edinburgh

Austops Campervan Raising Roof fitted in Scotland and London

Austops Campervan Raising Roof fitted in Scotland and LondonArguably, the thing that truly distinguishes a van from a campervan is the roof. With this simple addition, you are suddenly granted the space to move freely and live comfortably. With the additional room, you can stand and cook comfortably without having to hunch over. This makes the world of difference when you are going on longer trips. However, you want to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality roof, so as to avoid any disasters. Rockin Vans provide clients with an Austops roof fitting in Edinburgh as we believe that this particular brand won’t ever let you down. You’ll be free to travel in style and comfort.

When you’re looking to budget a campervan conversion, you need to make sure that you save plenty for the roof of your van. It really does determine the overall quality of your conversion. After all, there is no point having a state of the art kitchen if you cannot use it. No one wants to sleep in a campervan with a leaky roof either. We think a Pop Top is ideal as if gives you the best of both worlds. There is a misconception that campervans are bulky and cumbersome to drive. However, this is not the case with our Austops roof fitting in Edinburgh. You’re instead left with a vehicle that performs well on the road, as well as a comfortable campervan.

Why do we prefer Austops? They are the best value for money on the market. Edinburgh residents have to deal with a lot of rain throughout the year. Consequently, their campervans will have to be able to withstand this also. The tried and tested synthetic canvas won’t let a single drop of rain inside. They’re built to last. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to have driven all the way to Fort William from Glasgow, only to have your trip cut short due to roof failure? With our Austops roof fitting in Edinburgh, this won’t ever be a concern. Not only is the product high-quality, but the team installing the roofs are experts.

Here at Rockin Vans, we are passionate about campervans and motorhomes. We believe they are the best way to get the most out of the country. Why pay for expensive holidays when you could go on regular weekend breaks in a luxurious home away from home. For more information on our Austops roof fitting in Edinburgh, please feel free to get in contact.

Bespoke Conversions Scotland

Bespoke Camper Van Conversions from Rockin VansBooking a holiday can be surprisingly difficult. It’s supposed to be a thing that relieves stress. Instead, the process of booking a holiday can end up warranting the need for another holiday. There is a simpler way. Here at Rockin Vans, we think the best option is being able to holiday any weekend you want. Better still, going on a trip without the stress of booking travel and accommodation. How is this possible you ask? Simple. A campervan or motorhome. We offer bespoke conversions in Scotland so that clients are gifted the freedom to travel at their convenience.

We do understand that maybe it sounds a little lacklustre. A campervan may not sound as exciting as a trip abroad. It is a fair assessment. Truth be told, it isn’t the exact same experience as hopping on a plane and experiencing a new country. However, it is one that is just as fun and just as worthwhile. By purchasing one of our bespoke conversions in Scotland, your also buying the ability to create your own unique holiday. You can explore where you want, do any activities that catch your fancy and not have to worry about any limitations.

Scotland has so many things to see and do. From the gorgeous rolling hills of the Highlands to the historic attractions to Edinburgh; there is something that everyone will enjoy. The weird thing is, it is very easy to overlook these opportunities when you live in the country. Tourists are a lot better at taking advantage of the many activities available throughout the country; many of them at no cost. This is something that we hope to help change. We’ve built up a fantastic country, so why shouldn’t we enjoy it properly.

Our bespoke conversions in Scotland open up a world of travel possibilities. A small van will be transformed into a luxurious home away from home by our team of experts. Each of our conversions contains a comfortable bed and a kitchen space so that you can live out on the road. You won’t have to spend extra money on hotels, travel or restaurants; you’ll bring all three with you. Best of all, you’ll have a campervan that is tailored to your needs. If you want more storage, we can add more storage. If you want a larger bed, we can add a larger bed. For more information on our previous bespoke conversions in Scotland, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to advise.

Roller Team Motorhomes For Sale Birmingham

696 Motorhome for Sale

696 Motorhome for Sale

England has some amazing places to visit. For those interested in history, scenery, fine dining and adventure; it is definitely the place to be. However, we’ve found that that country is tragically underutilised by its own inhabitants. Which is ridiculous. Why spend thousands on holidays when you haven’t taken advantage of local activities and sites? Rockin Vans have roller team motorhomes for sale in Birmingham so that you can have more short breaks. We want you to have the freedom to travel without the restrictions of having to book travel and accommodation. Rockin Vans believe that with our motorhomes for sale, you can have the bespoke holiday of your dreams again and again.

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that England has some really cool locations. If you live there, you may not feel like this is the case. However, it is. Take Gloucester as an example. Surrounded by fields and farms, you may not think there is a lot to this borderline rural city. However, Gloucester is positively charming. It’s like stepping onto the Shire. The Shire but with a Primark and a McDonalds. What’s not to love? It is full of historic buildings and features a stunning cathedral that acted as a location in the Harry Potter film series. A perfect location for both history and film buffs. However, this isn’t the only gem hidden amongst the many areas of England. To get the most out of them, a motorhome is ideal.

One of our roller team motorhomes for sale in Birmingham can transform your holiday habits. A roller team motorhome is luxurious and spacious. You’ll be able to travel in the utmost of comfort. Roller team is a relatively young brand that has quickly become a leader in many countries throughout Europe. There is a good reason for this. Their vans are fantastic. They usually sleep six and feature a perfect area for relaxing and socialising. The U-shaped lounge is the perfect space to unwind after a long day of travelling around some of England’s top spots.

With one of our motorhomes, you’ll be able to go on a holiday on a whim. You don’t have to wait and plan, you can decide after a long work week to head off on a much deserved weekend break. No longer will you have to save up for a fancy hotel or a train ticket, you will have the freedom to travel whenever you want. It opens up a whole world of possibilities. You’re not limited to England, you can also head to Scotland, Wales and Europe. Our Roller Team motorhomes for sale in Birmingham are available to view on our site, but you can get feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Austop Roof Fitting Scotland

Austops Campervan Raising Roof fitted in Scotland and London

The major difference between a van and a campervan lies in the roof. We strive to give our customers only the best, and consequently, we are the number one distributor of Autostop roofs. Our Austop roof fitting in Scotland can make your trip so much more comfortable. It will give you ample room for cooking and day-to-day living while travelling. Who wants to be cramped and uncomfortable in a caravan? Who wants to be stuck having to splash out for an expensive hotel room? Instead, you can have your very own spacious home away from home.

The biggest investment you can make on a camper is the roof. It is really the deciding factor on how much room you’re going to have, and it also determines the overall layout. There are a number of factors that will determine what type of roof will be best for your campervan, but in general, we at Rockin Vans prefer the Pop Top option and that’s the type we use on our signature range of conversions.

A Pop Top roof gives you the best of both worlds. You can have all the space of a high roof, and the aerodynamics of a normal van. With a Fixed Hi Top, you are stuck with the roof permanently elevated. This can impact not only how you drive, but the areas you can access as some bridges or parking spots will have lower ceilings. A campervan without a raised roof can be extremely cramped, and this isn’t the most pleasant way to travel. A Pop Top allows you to drive with a ‘normal’ van, and then raise the roof when you reach your destination.

As is perhaps apparent by now, one of our favourite providers of Pop Top roofs is Austop. The roofs that they provide are by far the best value for money on the current market. They are perfect for the rainy Scottish weather, as they come equipped with a tried and tested synthetic canvas that is guaranteed to keep you dry. Their “Remio style” roofs are very reasonably priced for how high quality they are; offering a gel coated roof in two distinct styles. Most importantly though, they are built to last so that you don’t have to worry about annual repairs. We offer an Austop roof fitting in Scotland as we want our customers to have the best of the best.

If you’re not as sold on Austops as we are, we also provide SCA Roofs. SCA is a leading manufacturer of Pop Top Roofs and is frequently used by conversion companies globally. While they are admittedly a lot pricier than Austops, they do come with their own unique features and can help to add value to your campervan.

We are the leading distributor of Austop roofs in Scotland. However, no matter what our customers prefer, we will have the Pop Top Roof that will be perfect for your campervan. For more information on our Austop roof fitting in Scotland, please feel free to get in contact with us.

VW T6 Campers For Sale Kilmarnock

Orange VW T6 camper for sale

Orange VW T6 camper for sale

Holidays are expensive. While we all wish we could fly abroad five times a year, not many of us can. Some struggle to even get one trip abroad. However, going to another country isn’t the only way to have a fantastic holiday. With one of our VW T6 Campers for sale in Kilmarnock, you have the ability to create your own break whenever you want. You could decide to go on holiday for a weekend and it would be totally doable, even if you’re planning for it just a couple days before. A campervan opens up access to an entire country worth of adventure. Rockin Vans want to offer you the freedom to travel Scotland so that you can experience all that the country has to offer.

Scotland is a fantastic place to travel in. It is home to a vast array of locations, all offering their own unique experiences. Within the same hour long car drive, you could pass magnificent hills and stunning landscapes and then end up in a thriving city chock-full of shopping districts. There are spectacular activities spotted throughout the country. You’ll definitely find something that literally anyone can enjoy. Whether it’s visiting Scotland’s zoos and safaris and getting close encounters with animals, or taking part in archery or abseiling, there is something to suit everyone. You don’t need to travel abroad to have a fantastic short break. Especially not when you live in a country that has it all.

The VW T6 campers for sale in Kilmarnock are a fantastic mode of transport. Not only do you have an easy way to travel, but you also no longer have to worry about accommodation. A camper acts as both. You get to travel around Scotland in a home away from home. You’ll have a comfortable bed and a full kitchen to enjoy with one of the Rockin Van campers. It’s often the case that the VW T6 campers for sale are ex-rental vehicles. This means that you can be sure you’re purchasing a fantastic product.  Additionally, most of them were converted by the experts at Rockin Vans. We live and breathe campervans and motorhomes. So, we know what you need to have a camper you’ll be happy to travel in.

For more information on our VW T6 campers for sale in Kilmarnock, please feel free to get in contact. We do also have a wide variety of other campervan and motorhomes for sale, so you can be sure you’ll find something that suits you in our range.

Cheap Motorhomes For Sale Glasgow


It feels like the price of everything is on a constant increase. Even when you think you’ve got a handle on things, suddenly the cost of your phone bill will increase, or one of your kids will suddenly require some new gadget. With so many plates spinning, it’s hard to remember to leave some funds behind for yourself. Holidays are a great option for this but like with everything else, they are expensive. This doesn’t have to be the case. Rockin Vans have cheap motorhomes for sale in Glasgow so that you can afford to go on holiday whenever you want.

Flights are expensive. Hotels are expensive. Luggage is expensive. We don’t know how people ever afford a holiday abroad. Thankfully, it’s not the only option available. By purchasing a campervan or motorhome, you’re unlocking the option of having a holiday whenever you want. No longer will you have to save up for flights, hotels and luggage; you’ll have all three assembled readily in one neat package. There is a misconception that motorhomes have to cost you a huge lump sum, this isn’t true. Rockin Vans offer a range of fantastic cheap motorhomes for sale in Glasgow. This one-time purchase could lead to a lifetime of happy memories.

We’re not claiming that you’d get the exact same experience as going abroad. Instead, you’re getting the option of having shorter bespoke holidays that you can go on whenever you want. On a whim, you can decide you want to visit some of the countries stunning sites. You don’t need to spend weeks planning, you already have travel and accommodation sorted. Scotland is not lacking for places to visit either. It is a great country for travel, with tons of interesting historical locations and quaint villages just waiting to be explored.

A motorhome is an opportunity to have the freedom to travel. However, you don’t want to purchase just any motorhome. You need one that will suit your needs. We have various motorhome ranges available on our website. With vehicles that seat between two to six people, all with their own distinct features, you won’t be lacking for options in the Rockin Van catalogue. All of them are ex-rental motorhomes that we have converted ourselves, so you can be sure of a high-performance product.

You won’t find better cheap motorhomes for sale in Glasgow that you will with Rockin Vans. We take pride in offering our customers a high-quality product and service. Our aim is to offer the freedom to travel to every customer who comes to us, and we’re guaranteed to have the perfect vehicle to make that happen for you. For more information, please feel free to get in contact. Our team will be happy to advise you on the best option for your individual circumstances.

Campervans For Sale Glasgow

VW T6 Camper van for sale

VW Camper for sale Rockin Vans

Everyone wants the best of any given product. After all, why wouldn’t you? Especially when it’s a relatively ‘big’ purchase like a campervan or motorhome. The ideal would be getting to design your own conversion from scratch. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the budget for this to be a possibility. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t own the campervan of your dreams. Rockin Vans have a range of fantastic campervans for sale in Glasgow. We’re giving you the chance to have the freedom to travel throughout Scotland as you please, in a home away from home that we know that you’ll love.

You may be on the fence about purchasing a campervan. Maybe you’re concerned that you won’t use it enough to warrant it, or you believe the myth that campervans are uncomfortable. Well, we know for a fact that a campervan is a fantastic buy. Most of our team grew up going on holidays with a campervan, and it’s still something we love to this day. You’re not just buying a vehicle, but the ability to travel around the United Kingdom freely. You won’t have to worry about booking hotels or finding adequate transport. Instead of booking short breaks weeks in advance, you can just pack up and go anytime you want. It’s an amazing privilege to have and something we know you won’t regret.

There is a common misconception that campervans are uncomfortable or cramped due to their smaller size. Maybe this is the case when other companies who convert vans, but certainly not at Rockin Vans. Our expert team know how best to make use of the space available. What results after our conversion process, is a space that is comfortable and cosy, with all the luxuries you could possibly want. With a memory foam mattress, panoramic windows and a fully functioning kitchen that you can bring with you on your travels, you won’t ever consider booking a hotel again. Our campervans for sale in Glasgow offer a high-performance drive and all the comforts of a hotel, in one neat package.

Perhaps you can find your ideal campervan among our ex-rental vehicles. Our campervans for sale in Glasgow have all been tried and tested by a number of pleased customers. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but it means you can start your adventure as soon as you’ve purchased. You won’t have to wait to start using your new home away from home, it’s ready to go when you are. For some expert insight as to which of our campervans would be best suited towards your needs, please feel free to get in contact. One of our friendly team members will be happy to advise you to the best of their abilities.