Campervan Conversions Scotland

Rockin Vans 3SIXT Camper Van Conversion in London and Scotland

Enjoy the beauty of a campervan conversion and travel Scotland or wherever your heart desires in style. Your van could soon be converted to create the ideal campervan. It’s the passion behind our business that generates beautiful campervans that our customers go on to nurture and love in their adventures.

You can choose from a range of colour schemes and styles to ensure your campervan meets your every need. Don’t just drive your van, love it. A campervan conversion not only offers you a great solution to your travelling needs but also offers a comfortable place that you will love.

Forget boring caravans and make your experience an exciting one from start to finish, travelling and sleeping in your converted campervan. Scotland has so much to see, with the North Coast 500 offering one of the greatest coastal trips in the world. Soak up some of the northerly coastal points in Scotland on the trip of a lifetime and do so in the comfort of an incredible Rockin Vans conversion.

If you can’t wait to convert your own van why not purchase an ex-rental vehicle and enjoy the beauty of a high-spec, low mileage campervan. Not only will you be riding in style with a Rockin Vans campervan conversion, but you’ll look just as good on the Instagram feed. Go on and show off your pride and joy, we’re sure everyone will be green with envy.

We believe that the key to a great campervan conversion is the craftsmen that create it. Put your trust in the Johnson brothers and their wholesome passion for campervan travel. They know what really matters in your road tripping adventures, creating a campervan which not only offers comfort but also practicality. With finely tuned skills built up over time the Rockin Vans brand encompasses great craftsmanship fuelled by a deep love for travel.

To really explore your travelling desires Rockin Vans provides the ideal home on wheels – giving you the mobility to travel the breadth of not only Scotland but Britain in both comfort and style.

Rockin Vans are continuously developing and striving to create the greatest of experiences for your travel. Pick from the range of campervan conversion options to find the perfect renovation for your campervan conversion in Scotland or anywhere for that matter. You can read more about our 3SIXT, Basecamp, DV8: Bespoke and Twisted renovation options on the Rockin Vans site. There’s so many possibilities to turn your VW van into a rock-tastic camper van.

Bespoke Campervan Conversions

Bespoke Camper Van Conversions from Rockin Vans
Rockin Vans Workshop
Bespoke Campervan Conversion

A campervan is a rather large investment for many. People want to make sure that they are spending their money wisely and on something they absolutely love. Sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for. That’s why Rockin Vans provide bespoke campervan conversions to allow you to create your very own campervan and to fulfil your dreams.

The incredibly talented craftsmen at Rockin Vans can help you start your adventure today by designing your own campervan conversion. To get some inspiration, they have created three ready-made styles for you to choose from, including the 3SIXT, Basecamp and Twisted models. Each model is uniquely different, with different features to suit your campervan conversion needs and to offer you a bespoke service.

If you are feeling a bit more creative, then you can deviate from the norm with Rockin Van’s DV8 Bespoke model, allowing you to create your very own dream campervan. We believe that you should not settle for anything less than perfect. This is why our team at Rockin Vans are dedicated to making your dreams a reality by paying special attention to detail to ensure that no detail is missed.

DV8 bespoke campervan conversions are fully customisable and are kitted out with full electrics, elevating roofs and a comfortable double bed. Additionally, all bespoke campervans include kitchen essentials such as certain appliances and a fridge to ensure that life is easy when on the road.

When converting a campervan, the van itself is as bespoke as the conversion. Our team of experts at Rockin Vans are able to provide recommendations as to which types of vehicles will be right for you and your campervan needs. The Rockin Vans team are very experienced and are capable of converting numerous different base vehicles.

For you adventurers out there who like to dabble in a little snowboarding, skiing, or any other activities that require equipment, Rockin Vans are able to accommodate and create special compartments to ensure that there is enough room for you to be comfortable. We can even fit a dog cage in the back of the campervan so that you can bring your beloved pooch with you on your adventures.

At Rockin Vans, we live and breathe campers. We are committed to providing only the best for our customers. The Rockin Vans team add a personal touch throughout the campervan conversion process, making you feel at home. If you would like to find out more about what we can do, get in touch with us today.

Van To Campervan Conversions

SCA Roof fitting from Rockin Vans in Glasgow Edinburgh or London

Campervans are your holiday on wheels. Never worry about accommodation again with a hotel room in the comfort of your very own van!

If you live in the Glasgow area and are looking for a van to campervan conversion, Rockin Vans is the place for you. Did you know it’s possible to re-classify your vehicle, in accordance with legalities, to completely transform your van to a campervan? Well now you do!

Pardon the pun, but we really do give you the freedom to “sleep around”. With a bed on wheels, the roads are your oyster and you could be tripping around the UK in no time. We know the best memories are made with good friends but with the help of Rockin Vans you can make memories to last a lifetime.

Why settle for a caravan, when you could have the mobility and class of a Rockin Vans campervan conversion!

At Rockin Vans we offer an array of van conversion options, with something to suit everyone’s taste:


The 3SIXT collection is designed for those who fancy a lie in and a nice view whilst they do so. With our maximised bed space you can kick back and enjoy your rest whilst soaking up the panoramioc views – yes panoramic! The campervan conversion includes a large panoramic window feature to really bring the outside in. What more could you ask for. The layout of these vans is simple yet effective ensuring that every tiny bit of space is put to good use. The addition of a pop-up roof means that your sleeping space is maximised whilst retaining any heat.


Our Basecamp conversion style is accredited to the skilful design of experienced campers. Guaranteed to meet the needs of any camper lover, the basecamp provides an abundance of storage. If you like to pack that extra item ‘just in case’ then this van is for you. For the luxury lovers this camper could really be called a ‘glamper’ with its luxurious memory foam bed. You won’t want to get up with the comfort of this one.


This fully customisable design really puts the power in your hands. Don’t settle for any less and make sure your camper van is to your own perfect specifications. With our creative brains we can put pen to paper, paper to reality and bring your ideas to life. Owning a camper van is a dream of many and we don’t let the end result fall shorter than perfect.


If you really want to stand out from the crowd a twisted Rockin campervan conversion could be the one for you. `this conversion is ideal for long haul campers who like to spend weeks out on the road. By shifting the layout slightly we can create a fully functioning kitchen, so say good bye to pot noodles and minute rice. Not to mention this motor even includes a bathroom for when you need to go – the bushes aren’t for everyone.

To request a quote today or enquire about our van to campervan conversions email or call us today.

Campervan Conversions Glasgow

Austops Campervan Raising Roof fitted in Scotland and London
Rockin Vans 3SIXT Camper Van Conversion in London and Scotland
Rockin Vans 3SIXT Camper Van Conversion

There is something truly special about having the freedom of travelling in your own car with the comfort of having your own possessions with you. Campervans offer flexibility and individuality, the foundation for any perfect holiday. It allows you to create your own adventures and experience what this beautiful country has to offer. Rockin Vans provide bespoke campervan conversions in Glasgow, which gives our customers the freedom through converting their own campervan into something that represents them.

Our craftsmen at Rockin Vans have created 3 ready-made styles to help you get underway with your campervan conversion. The 3SIXT model hosts a simple yet effective design and panoramic window features for those travellers who love to gaze out of the window on the road. Whilst the Basecamp model offers practicality with a sleek finish. For our customers who are looking for something a bit different, the Twisted model has just that. It maintains the unique look of a campervan whilst providing the comfort and space of a larger motor home with a rear-raising roof.

If these styles don’t quite tickle your fancy, then Rockin Vans is here to help you create your dream campervan with our campervan conversion in Glasgow. The DV8: Bespoke service allows our customers to tell us what they want in order to create their perfect campervan. Our team of creative professionals are able to provide recommendations and advice to make your dreams become reality.

With a wealth of experience designing campervans (over 10 years in the industry to be exact!), and several award-winning designs, Rockin Vans has a new level of attention to detail to ensure that no feature is overlooked. We understand that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach cannot be applied to an investment such as your campervan. This is why we take each and every one of our customer’s requests seriously and with a lot of thought.

Converting your campervan requires ultimate precision and care. The Rockin Van team are dedicated experts who put their heart and sole into each design to guarantee customer satisfaction. We are based in Kilmarnock, just outside of Glasgow and also just outside of London in Buckinghamshire.

We offer our customers test-drives in order for them to try before they buy. If you require any further information or just want a chat about any campervan ideas then contact us today to find what we can do for you. Anything is possible with Rockin Vans campervan conversions in Glasgow.